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Under Door Mesh and Screens Ordering Instructions

(All orders are custom made after payment has been received and cleared)

  1. Measure exact overall width you want the mesh to cover.

  2. Check to be sure there are no obstructions vertically on both sides at that width.

  3. If double doors, also measure the exact width of each door. Specify if you want the 2 panels of mesh to overlap when doors are closed.

  4. Measure the exact height you would like the mesh to cover (above, at, or below water line).

  5. Looking at the inside of the boathouse door(s), measure the height of available mounting area.

  6. After taking measurements, operate the door(s) to verify there are no obstacals and that the mesh won't get jammed in tracks, hinges, and other items and well as hung up on your dock, rocks, or other hazards. Take note of all possible issues and hazards.

  7. If possible, send photos of door(s), inside and outside.

  8. Specify if you want the top and sides sewn to reinforce the edges (we do not recommend a sewn bottom edge). Sewn top and edges add strength and longevity for the top mounting area but can have a rough appearance to the stitch pattern due to the type of mesh we use.

  9. Email us all of the above information so we can give you an estimate.

* We accept major credit cards, PayPal and checks.



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