How To Keep Ducks, Birds And Other Animals Out Of Your Boathouse



How to keep animals out of your boathouse?

Keeping Ducks, Geese, birds, mosquitos, snakes and other animals out of your boathouse is not easy to do if your boathouse is left open. Using boathouse mesh curtains/screens and under door mesh are the best way to prevent insects, animals and birds from getting into your boathouse, having a mesh screen or curtain that goes below the waterline and fits tightly around the edges of your boathouse will make a big difference.


Another way to help keep out animals and birds from your boathouse is to place fake decoys of natural predators of the birds and animals you are having trouble with getting into your boathouse. Place these decoys in highly visible areas around your boathouse.





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Boathouse Tips: How to keep ducks, geese, birds and other animals out of your boathouse





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